The Player Which Chipped the actual Horse-Racing Signal

what does over and under mean in football betting

how are clubs able to score points.

It also discussed and profiled some well known soccer experts and a string of soccer software projects.

will you be involved in esports betting again?

yes, there is a lot of buzz around this

We would love to discuss this in detail with you.

similar to magic tournament betting where

What is Magic: The Gathering

Where are the betting websites for magic players?

And why do you think Magic players are in this market

Because they are a lot more experienced and knowledgeable

is that right?

sadly no.

who is to blame?

the companies

What is your process for determining the prices

usually betting guides are no more than price guides

but in this case

that is a premium

could you explain how is this a premium?

you said that the entry fee to the site is between $15 and $60

which also adds 2, 4 and 5%

while the results are up to $1 per bet

this is 12,000 to 100,000 different bets per week

If the price is between say $13 to $14

there is the potential for 14,000 bets to be made in the same time period

if the price is over $14

maybe 30,000 bets could be made

How are you valuing the games?

As they change

There are new cards every month

Every card change has a tremendous amount of value.

Its a tradable asset

only competitive reasons will keep the prices low for the long term

Will you be involved in esports betting again?

i would like to know more about esports as a spectator sport

that’s awesome

That could be a great niche for tmj as well

I think I’ll move on to something else next.

Congrats again on the tmj acquisition.

It’s a great success story

so, it’s a little more recent


They acquired/acquired

Two professional football teams

the NFL Browns and the


From the sports industry

Not the operators

and an esports organization

As far as football betting, the job has been done

So we could take a similar approach here

Why a sports team

They have an owner with a good understanding of the sport

and an expert in creating an environment where sports fans will place wagers

Bets in the DFS games are different than bets in traditional betting games

and sports betting is a whole different beast

Even in Magic

the game itself is a bet

How is tmj different from you?

Okay, so technically, they didn’t really buy us

I’m an insider

Why aren’t you betting?

Why are you on twitter, what’s the plan for that?

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